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The best public policy is that which best serves the patient and therefore best serves the public.


At MPMC we understand how living with pain can impact people’s lives. Not only can people experience decreased activity levels, disturbed sleep, and loss of appetite, they can also experience psychological and emotional strain, physical exhaustion and even a loss of joy of living.

We believe that each patient is unique and that each patient benefits from an individuated treatment plan that best serves the interest of the patient.

Our belief is the treatment should match the problem. MPMC works closely with other healthcare providers coordinating needed services including surgical opinion, psychiatry or psychology counseling, physical therapy and DME.

Our Services

Persistent Back Pain

By treating difficult pain early and aggressively we can often prevent and reverse the further progression of this debilitating disease.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Each patient's pain is thoroughly examined and appropriate pain management plan is individualized for each patient.

Nutritional Therapy

Along with medication and exercise, MPMC believes in the total approach including nutritional therapy where appropriate.

Lifestyle Advice

Our goal is to return each patient to a useful and productive lifestyle including advice on improving your lifestyle.

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